As is often the case in the automotive world, the scorpion brand has established itself thanks to the vision and persistence of a man. Carlo Abarth was born in Vienna but it was in Italy, in the country where the automobile is king, that he changed his first name and earned a reputation. A genius preparer, he is hired by Cisitalia, who wants to benefit from his legendary-sounding exhaust pipes. He then began a career as a pilot. This record man, born under the sign of the scorpion, will win many competitions and will infuse the spirit of winning to his future brand. This attitude is reflected in the minimalist and aggressive design of its cars as well as in their racing performance.

Following his racing career, he founded his own brand with Guido Scagliarini after the Second World War. His cars immediately won many prestigious races and his fame grew. Fame doesn't detract from his vision of a racy, nervous and thrilling car for their drivers. The competitors make no mistake and everyone wants to board one of his cars. The Fiat brand boughtAbarth in 1971 and made it its bridgehead in the sports car world. Since then the designer's philosophy has never been questioned and the brand is definitely synonymous with sportsmanship and performance.

Abarth range

The story of Karl Abarth, a man who makes his dreams come true

Little, Karl Abarth has always been passionate about racing. Born in Austria on 11/15/1908, he is of the astrological sign of the scorpion, an image that he will choose much later as his brand's logo to symbolize the aggressiveness of these vehicles.

At the age of 11, he was showing the beginnings of his future profession as a car preparer by improving the speed of his scooter by covering his wheels with pieces of leather to improve his grip.

At 19, the young man began his career as a motorcycle rider. Shortly before World War II, Mussolini's regime sought his skills as an experienced pilot to make him race under the colors of the Italian flag: this is how Karl became Carlo.

Welcome to Abarth Monaco & Menton

In 2015, a new renowned brand was added to the premium / sport and ultra sport vehicle ranges of your Segond Automobiles Group. The Abarth Monaco and Menton sales teams, led by Christophe Salon, are at your complete disposal to help you discover the Abarth range in our showrooms in Monaco and Menton.

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