120 - 170 CV


5,7 - 7,6 l/100km

Max. Speed

195 - 214 km/h

Alfa-Romeo Giulietta: the sporty and stylish compact

Experience one of the most popular compact cars in the Alpha-Romeo range. Well-styled, the Alpha-Romeo Giulietta is distinguished by its features, which are reminiscent of a sports car. Front and rear, the much-loved epic Italian style subtly reveals the sportiness of this vehicle. But it is above all inside that we discover a unique driving experience coupled with surprising performance. Between comfort and sportiness, its seems that we haven't heard the last of the oldest model in the Alpha-Romeo range yet.


The different versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Still very popular, the Alpha-Romeo Giulietta is part of the legend of the Italian manufacturer, thanks to its reliability and almost flawless design. At the front of the vehicle, the legendary Alpha-Romeo grille stamped with the Biscione logo stands out and fits well into an elegant and robust design. Protruding eyes complement the aesthetics of the front by housing high-quality headlights.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta: The stylish compact par excellence

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