150 - 400 CV


5,2 - 10,2 l/100km

Max. Speed

208 - 250 km/h

The Audi Q3: the premium compact family suv

One of the latest innovations from the Audi brand should logically be called the Q4. However, the German manufacturer preferred to capitalize on its experience from the Q3 and bring out a new version of this model, one which is more sporty in every respect. As a high-end subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, the German brand must indeed take the lead in the extremely competitive SUV market and maintain the prestige it has acquired during its rich history.

The Audi Q3 Sportback, sporty and functional technology

To do this, they decided to produce a functional vehicle that handles instinctively and comes packed with innovative and connected technologies. The idea behind the launch of the Sportback is to offer fans of sports lines a hybrid vehicle that is halfway between the sports coupé and the urban SUV. This gamble has paid off, since the Sportback's strong, edgy curves instantly evoke a feeling of power that can handle itself well in the density of urban traffic. At the same time, it has lost none of the functional advantages of its predecessor. The result is an SUV coupé unlike any other.

Technological and dynamic to face the urban jungle

4 engines and 3 finishes to satisfy the family's needs

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