Founded in 1909, the Bugatti brand has shaped its history and its worldwide reputation on its perpetual quest for perfection and innovation. As evidenced by its avant-garde sports models, its legendary racing cars and its nearly 10,000 competition victories, the fascination exerted by the manufacturer is not about to disappear.


Ettore Bugatti, a genius founder

From the age of 18, Ettore Bugatti built his very first car, the Bugatti Type 2. The vehicle, which had a four-cylinder valve engine, earned him an award at the International Motor Show in Milan. After these promising beginnings, the automotive engineer overflowed with ambition and moved to Alsace, to Molsheim, in 1909 to set up on his own. And it was in 1911 that the Type 13 was released, which won a distinction at the Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France the same year. This same model comes in 15th place in the Indianapolis 500 Miles.

Ettore Bugatti would make his company even more legendary in 1921 when his T22 won four victories at Brescia and his T35 won no less than 2,000 victories. A real feat at the time! The year 1936 marked a turning point because it was at this time that the management of the company was entrusted to Ettore's own son, Jean Bugatti, who shared the same passion as his father for exceptional automobiles. During this transition phase, another legendary model was born, namely the Bugatti Royale.

The story of the brand's creator ends in 1939, a year marked by two major events. The first fact is the resounding victory of the Type 57 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And it was precisely at the wheel of this car that the founder lost his life as a result of a road accident.

Welcome to the new Bugatti showroom in Monaco

Bugatti and Segond Automobiles have signed a new partnership at the start of 2022. We are happy and proud to welcome you to one of the most sought-after locations in Europe, nestled among luxury boutiques and surrounded by nearly a century of motor racing history. We will have an exceptional location located on the route of the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit, in the corner of La Rascasse, near the legendary Louis Chiron bend. It is, in many ways, the perfect place to welcome customers of a brand renowned for its racing performance and cutting-edge craftsmanship. Looking forward to welcoming you!

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