A Bugatti vehicle is an extraordinary object of the finest craftsmanship and the most innovative technology. Like all other perfect machines, a Bugatti requires regular maintenance in order to maintain peak performance. A Bugatti should be serviced at least once a year, to ensure that all systems continue to function perfectly. It is important that this happens even if the vehicle is parked most of the time, due to condensation and other stopping issues.

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Every new Bugatti comes with the first four years of standard service and maintenance included. The standard annual service and inspection for a Bugatti Chiron takes about a week, as does the standard annual service and inspection for a Veyron. Chiron Major, the servicing process that every Chiron should go through in the 4th year after delivery, takes about two weeks.

All standard annual service procedures involve over seventy different checks and actions to be carried out by Bugatti experts who will put their dedication and knowledge to work to ensure that your hyper sports car continues to give you the best experience. extraordinary.

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Each dedicated Bugatti Veyron maintenance program is tailored to the needs of their driving habits: after all, even a hyper sports car that travels less than 200 km per year requires inspection and maintenance. The service program can be split into a two or four year plan: both options include one service per year which takes approximately one week.


The revolutionary automotive engineering of the Bugatti Chiron is also served by the Tranquility Passport Programme. As the first Chirons produced approach the end of their 4th year of operation, the Chiron Passport to Peace program has been designed to reflect the specific service intervals of models from their 5th year onwards.

The Chiron Tranquility Passport program is set over four years and includes an annual “Low” review, estimated to be approximately one week of workshop time, and a “Major” review every four years, which should be completed in approximately two weeks.


While there are bespoke plans for Veyron and Chiron, Bugatti owners can shape their package to suit their needs or wants even more precisely. For maximum customization, the program is co-designed with customers: owners can rest easy knowing that when their Bugatti needs service or inspection, it will end up in the capable hands of our expert technicians. Finally, the Tranquility Passport is assigned to Bugatti vehicles so that the plan is transmitted to the new owner in the event of the sale of the vehicle for an irreproachable history and traceability.