95 - 120 CV


4,5 - 6,9 l/100km

Max. Speed

162 - 183 km/h

FIAT 500L: the Dolce Vita in family format

Going against the tide of the SUV trend that is sweeping the urban car market, the Turin manufacturer offers the revamped FIAT 500L, a family version of its legendary FIAT 500, which takes the keynote features of its illustrious big sister and makes them better.

Fiat 500L: the Fiat 500 of families

If urban SUVs are gradually replacing small minivans in the hearts of the French, some manufacturers, foremost among them FIAT, are resisting. It must be said that with more than 80,000 units sold on average each year in Europe, the revamped FIAT 500L is an undeniable success. In terms of design, the changes are very subtle with, for example, a brand new shield on the front, a completely redesigned grille, as well as a distinctive luminous and modern look. The stern of this restyled FIAT is not to be outdone, with a body-coloured finish instead of its predecessor’s black plastic. All new colours as well as redesigned rims complete the picture.

FIAT 500L : A family size urban SUV

In petrol or diesel, in Lounge or Sport version