To ensure the longevity of your vehicle, you must provide it with quality maintenance. The choice of original parts and accessories is essential in this regard. And who knows your car better than the designer himself? You now have the possibility of benefiting from high-end services for the maintenance of your vehicles thanks to Mopar. Original parts directly from factories in collaboration with your car manufacturers are made available to you. Discover the unique Mopar experience offered by the Segond Automobiles workshops for the purchase of accessories and the personalization of your Fiat.

All original equipment for your vehicle

In order to offer you the best service in the maintenance, repair and beautification of your vehicle, your automotive company has provided everything you may need. In your Casino Garage workshop, you are entitled to professional service from knowledgeable staff. The technicians who are at your disposal have received professional training and have perfect control of your vehicle. Their watchword is to put your automobile in a condition to deliver the best performance. Thus, they use very sophisticated modern tools.

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But isn't it also true that your jewelry deserves the best in design? For this, original equipment is provided for you. Choose high quality accessories to enhance the styling of your car. In addition to simple accessories such as couplers, roof boxes or even elegant carpets, you are entitled to complete solutions for customizing your car. Innovative ideas have been designed to make your vehicle exclusive and boost its performance and functionality. A series of smart solutions have been implemented for each car model. The technicians take care of customizing it as you imagine it using original equipment. Driving becomes even more enjoyable every day!

A very wide range of original manufacturer equipment and accessories

Mopar is the official partner of the manufacturers of your Jeep, Alfa, Fiat and Abarth vehicles. Its mission is to provide excellent after-sales service to customers in order to provide them with the best driving experience. With this in mind, the division offers original spare parts for the upkeep and maintenance of your automobile. Now you can be confident about the reliability of the parts that are used to repair your automobile. In addition, this after-sales division has implemented a variety of solutions to better meet your expectations. For example, you benefit from various maintenance plans, warranty extensions and multiple connected services. Several derivative products are also developed to add charm to the style of your car.
And to offer you the best after-sales experience, Mopar has based its operation around essential principles such as:

  • innovation
  • the dedication
  • durability.

In addition, the division places an emphasis on authenticity and originality. And for this, it is led by a competent and experienced team united around its passion for the automobile. In your Segond Automobiles workshop, you will find Mopar's professional service to take charge of your vehicle. Customer support is also available to answer all of your concerns.