118 CV


0,0 l/100km

Max. Speed

150 km/h

Electric FIAT 500: When the famous manufacturer goes green

Fiat's very first electric vehicle is set to be launched on the market in November 2020. Intended to compete with models such as the Mini SE Cooper, the Renault Twingo SE and the Honda e, the Italian brand offers an environmentally friendly vehicle that brings together its usual innovation, comfort and design: the FIAT 500 electric.

The most modern Fiat 500 ever designed

Although mere evoking models like the Mini and the Fiat 500 is already generating some emotion among fans of the Italian brand, the FIAT 500 electric, which is about to enter the market, promises a profound upheaval in perspective. First of all, compared to its internal combustion counterpart, this new 100% electric model has an additional length and width of 6cm. Designed to become the manufacturer's ambassador for e-mobility, this new FIAT 500 has a look that makes it immediately recognisable.

A wire to fill up the tank and 320km of autonomy to enjoy the silence

Zero emissions does not mean austerity: the new electric Fiat 500 is one of the most modern city cars!