190 à 240 CV


2,2 l/100km

Max. Speed

200 km/h

Jeep Compass 4XE: the plug-in hybrid SUV according to Jeep

The "First Edition" version of the Jeep Compass plug-in hybrid has just been launched in Europe. This edition comes with additional equipment, a Wallbox for home charging, an 8-year warranty for the battery and a 5-year warranty extension for the rest of the vehicle.

Jeep Compass Hybrid: smooth power

This 4xe SUV uses the same mechanics as the Renegade Hybrid Plug-in. The 180 horsepower 1.3 turbo petrol engine drives the front wheels, while the 60 horsepower electric motor, located on the rear axle, drives the rear wheels.

This innovation enables a four-wheel drive transmission and results in a total of 240 hp and a maximum torque of 525 Nm. The American brand indicates that emissions are less than 50 g / km according to the NEDC2 cycle.

Jeep Compass 4XE: 50 km of electric autonomy

A modern plug-in hybrid: 240cv combined and numerous equipment