250 à 707 CV


6,9 à 17,9 l/100km

Max. Speed

202 à 289 km/h

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, the smooth adventure

Since the launch of the first version in 1992, the Grand Cherokee has undergone many transformations. Four generations have succeeded each other, each bringing their share of evolution to this vehicle, symbol of a historic brand with an adventurous identity that is clear for all to see. Master of side roads, the Grand Cherokee has seen its competitors attempt to imitate its sporty design and imposing stature without ever succeeding in robbing it of its leading position in the high-end SUV market. Jeep has made this the driving force of its marketing campaign and continues to excite all fans of muscular grilles and powerful engines.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee: a large SUV cut out for the track as for the highway ...

Nevertheless, during its evolution, the Grand Cherokee has never failed to adapt to consumer expectation. The lines of its curves have softened with time and use. While retaining an adventurous spirit, the Grand Cherokee has integrated the technical and technological aspects inherent in city driving and family transport. This safe bet on the market is based on the recognised expertise of the American brand's engineers, acclaimed around the world for the reliability and robustness of their designs. The Grand Cherokee combines an imposing and eye-catching style on the road with a warm welcome to its occupants. A look back at a vehicle as legendary as it is innovative.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: a rolling palace

In gasoline or diesel, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in 5 versions