Lamborghini has an exciting history stretching back over 50 years. The brand has produced dozens of iconic models that have marked the history of the automobile. Its success is mainly due to a demanding search for Italian perfection. Lamborghini has managed to become one of the most renowned and respected manufacturers in the world.

The Lamborghini range

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the creator

Ferruccio Lamborghini is the founder of the legendary car brand created in 1951 in Bologna, Italy. Before he dabbled in the creation of supercars, Ferruccio embarked on the construction of agricultural machinery, in order to meet the strong post-war demand to rebuild a devastated Italy. In no time, his company took the 3rd place in this competitive market in Italy.

Such was his success that in 1963 he founded his firm Automobili Lamborghini to begin creating his masterpieces. His ambition was to build the perfect car as he designed it and to compete with prestigious Italian GT brands such as Ferrari.

The very first car to come out of the factory in 1964 was the 350 GT. For this, Ferruccio called on talented mechanics and engineers to design an exceptional and innovative car for its time with the finest 12-cylinder V engine ever.


Shortly after in 1965 at the Turin auto show, Mr. Lamborghini presented a prototype that truly marked the launch of the brand's success: the Lamborghini Miura. Indeed, the very characteristic identity of the Italian brand was readily found with this model: a unique, original, aggressive, sporty and elegant body! The manufacturer's emblematic aesthetic model therefore saw the light of day with the Miura.

From 1963 to today, the intrinsic values of the brand have not changed and the first priority for the manufacturer is to always stand out from the crowd by offering cars that combine design, performance and quality. For this, the Italian manufacturer is always at the forefront of innovation.


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It was in 2015 that the famous Italian brand joined the Segond Automobiles Group. Based in Monaco, 24 avenue de fontvieille, the sales team entirely dedicated to the Taurus brand is at your disposal to help you discover the range of Lamborghini Super Sports Cars.

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