580 à 640 CV


7,2 à 7,9 l/100km

Max. Speed

325 km/h


The Aventador, a marvel of Lamborghini technology

In the Aventador, Lamborghini, the famous manufacturer based in Bologna, Italy, have designed one of their most beautiful sports cars. With this model, the company, which is used to producing legendary cars like the Miura, Diablo or Gallardo, now produces one of the most accomplished and high-performance supercars on the market. It marks a turning point in the history of Lamborghini models.

With the Aventador, Lamborghini has taken yet another step into the realms of the exceptional.Since 2011 this model, the replacement for the Murcielago, has taken up the torch with style. In 2017, a second production phase was launched and new models bearing the S label appeared, with improved performance. Reflecting the style of its little sisters, the Aventador proudly exhibits its sporting and aggressive design which still sits perfectly within in the marque's stylistic standards.

The exterior of new Aventador S is imposing; svelte lines, a high-quality finish and a monocoque carbon fibre chassis which optimises the car’s aerodynamics and hints at what lies beneath the bonnet.

With a V12 engine producing no less than 740 horsepower it has a top speed that can reach 350 km/h. The Aventador is one of the few supercars that can claim such levels of performance. Indeed, it exhibits exceptional performance levels: for example, it only needs 2.9 seconds to get from 0 to 100 km/h. The maker's aim as ever is to introduce ever more competitiveness to its top of the range cars!

Interior and equipment

As for the interior, the Lamborghini Aventador offers the best in terms of technology; large navigation screens and dashboard worthy of the latest generation aircraft. Naturally the interior finish is of the very highest level, with all materials being carefully chosen: full grain leather, forged aluminium, carbon fibre etc.

aventador svj aventador S roadster

The Bologna manufacturer has gone even further by offering several variations of its Aventador, meeting specific criteria.