666 CV

0-100 km/h

3,3 s

Max. Speed

306 km/h


Lamborghini Urus: the first Super SUV

Combine a functional SUV with a sports supercar and you get the Lamborghini Urus , a car unique to Lamborghini's luxury range. Proudly bearing the name of an ancient breed of European bison, this super Sports Utility Vehicle (SSUV) is unique in all respects: unequalled driving experience, exceptional dimensions, state of the art design ... Enjoyment is guaranteed with the Lamborghini SUV Urus!

The Lamborghini Urus: avant-garde design

With its light, dynamic lines, this Sports SUV has seductive all-terrain elegance. It's muscular shape and unique height (1.66 metres high) give the vehicle a powerful and safe profile; and the Lamborghini style remains omnipresent in the various iconic marque touches: the legendary “Y” and the hexagonal elements, the front hood with its central dome, diagonals on the rear doors, the silhouette seemingly drawn using a single line etc.

Once inside, the aircraft-like features are designed to promote a pleasant and comfortable driving experience. With three TFT screens, every need is met when driving: one screen for the instruments, a dedicated screen for the infotainment system and a screen for the comfort functions (such as the virtual keyboard equipped with a handwriting recognition system).

Interior and exterior are customisable to meet all desires and needs though styling packs:

  • Choice between a 4-place layout with two rear seats, or a 5-place layout with a bench
  • Range of different colours and materials (leather, wood, aluminium, carbon-fibre, Alcantara® etc.) and addition of Q-citura over-stitching or contrasting stitches for some of these.
  • External carbon-fibre components
  • All-terrain pack which, in particular, provides protective panels

The result: a Lamborghini 4X4 which takes on all the aesthetic refinements of the famous Italian brand.

Exceptional driving dynamics from the sports SUV with the best performance in the world.

The combination of a luxury SUV and a sports supercar offers a unique driving experience in "S" version or, even more, in "Performante" version. Whether in the context of everyday use or satisfying your desire for high performance, this multi-purpose vehicle provides an unequalled driving experience through its functions and exclusive equipment:

  • Twin-turbo V8 motor offering a weight/power ratio which is unequalled in the sports SUV market.
  • Automatic 8-speed gearbox
  • Four steerable wheels for improved manoeuvrability under all conditions
  • Integral traction control system which includes a rear vector control
  • Adaptive pneumatic suspension
  • Reactive continuous roll stabilisation system
  • Carbon-ceramic brakes
  • ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligent Management) controller: the vehicle adapts its characteristics depending on the driving mode selected from the three modes available (STRADA for comfort driving, SPORT for reactive and agile driving and CORSA for high performance and maximum driving precision). To this add the three all-terrain driving modes: NEVE for safe driving, TERRA for driving in all-terrain situations and SABBIA for sandy surfaces. Finally, EGO mode gives drivers the option to choose their own driving preferences (steering, traction and suspension).

Without an equivalent in terms of design, of power, of performance and dynamism , the Lamborghini SUV Urus is the only sports SUV to offer such an exclusive experience.

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