Abarth 695 70° Anniversario: 1949 copies only!

The Abarth 695 70° Anniversario pays homage to the 70th anniversary of the famous Italian carmaker

Here is a model that will delight collectors. If the limited series based on Abarth are legion, this 695 70° Anniversario version with its atypical color has something to seduce. It is available in 1,949 copies worldwide at a price of €32,900.

“The new adjustable spoiler – tested in the FCA wind tunnel – makes its debut on the new 695 70° Anniversario, improving the vehicle’s grip and stability at high speeds”. Admittedly, this appetizer is enough to make aficionados of the over-boosted yoghurt pot salivate.

Ground plated

This special Abarth 695 70° Anniversario series is not just another cosmetic powder coating. The little Italian car receives a real rear spoiler designed to generate up to 42 kg of extra support at a speed of 200 km/h. That’s enough to put the 695 on the ground. This spoiler can also be adjusted by hand to 12 positions, varying from 0 to 60 degrees depending on the type of road or circuit. It’s impossible not to notice the original 1958 Monza Green paint job, which is unusual on modern Abarths. This color pays homage to the Abarth 500 that set six speed records in 1958 on the Monza circuit. A color tinged with homage This 1958 Monza Green coexists with Campovolo Grey, which is used for the big scorpion on the hood or the checkered roof. This color is also found on the wheel arches, side skirts, mirrors and, of course, on the famous spoiler.

The interior of this Abarth 695 70° Anniversario is distinguished by its ultra-sporty seats! Of course, like any self-respecting Abarth 695, there is no lack of sporty details such as the beautiful 17-inch wheels, the Monza Sport Record exhaust system, the brakes with red Brembo calipers, while the interior is distinguished by its ultra-sporty Sabelt seats and the 7-inch touch screen and included navigation.

Small, but strong…

Small disappointment nevertheless, the mechanics do not evolve. It is the same 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine as the standard Abarth 695, given for 180 hp and 250 Nm of torque. Performance is also identical, with a top speed of 225 km/h (while the Vallelunga test track is only approved for 210 km/h), and a 0 to 100 km/h dispatched in 6.7 s.

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