The Segond Automobiles Group is delighted to represent the Devinci brand in the Principality, the Alpes Maritimes and the Var.
A new partnership officially launched during Monaco Yachtshow 2022.
Our teams were happy to introduce you to the Brand and enjoy the first tests with your hair in the wind.

Do not hesitate to contact Anthony Rozier for more information:

Discover the DEVINCI Brand

DEVINCI is not just an electric car but a unique experience, a concept. In 2016, the first DEVINCI CARS collector’s car was imagined, designed and produced by a passionate, discreet man with an extraordinary career, combining a career as a professional racing driver with that of a car designer and manufacturer.

Jean Philippe DAYRAUT is an self-made man. From the age of 14, he designed his first vehicles.

Passionate about technology, mechanics, car racing and also art, he made many sculptures and paintings that he never wanted to exhibit, sell, or even reveal. At 35, he is a creator and manufacturer of MITJET MOTORSPORT. Currently, more than 300 competition vehicles are driven by the best drivers in the world on the most beautiful circuits.

Of Devinci vehicles, Jean Philippe DAYRAUT says: “The supreme luxury is Liberty!” She has the taste of the wind and the color of the sky. »

Download the DEVINCI leaflet

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