Launch of the Jeep Renegade 4xe Hybrid

Jeep unveils the lineup and pricing of its new plug-in hybrid urban SUV, the Renegade 4xe.

This one is available from 38 700 € in 190 hp version with Brooklyn Edition finish. Driving pleasure, range, detailed technical data sheet, you will know everything in the test of the Renegade 4xe, tested in its most reasonable version … already 190 hp cumulated. After the First Edition launch series, reserved for the first customers who expressed interest in the model, Jeep today unveiled the range of its Renegade 4xe, a rechargeable hybrid variant of the urban SUV. Based on the 1.3 gasoline engine, the model delivers 190 hp or 240 hp, depending on the version, and features four-wheel drive in hybrid mode. However, it is now just a simple all-electric propulsion system. Three driving modes are available: Hybrid, Electric and E-Save, the latter allowing to save and recharge the battery with a capacity of 11.4 kWh. The engine brake can also be adjusted in two levels (E-Coasting) to optimize recharging. The range of this all-electric rechargeable hybrid model is expected to be between 41 and 43 km in the WLTP cycle, depending on the version, or more than 50 km in the city, although these values are pending final approval. jeep renegade 4xe blue The Renegade 4xe has four-wheel drive only in Hybrid mode, as the rear axle is driven solely by the electric motor.

Renegade 4xe rates and available finishes

Four finishes are available: Brooklyn Edition, Limited, S and Trailhawk. The Renegade 4xe is available in four finishes: Brooklyn Edition, Limited, S and Trailhawk. The first two are reserved for the 190 hp version, while S and Trailhawk, both displayed at the same price, have the privilege of the 240 hp engine. Prices start at €38,700 for the 190 hp Renegade Brooklyn Edition and peak at €42,500 for the 240 hp S and Trailhawk versions. In Limited trim, the 190 hp Renegade 4xe then fetches €5,500 more than the 180 hp 4×4 petrol version with the same package (€34,400), which disappears from the catalog. The difference will be partially offset by the new €2,000 environmental bonus for Plug-in Hybrids, which the Jeep Renegade 4xe is eligible for in all versions.

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