The Suzuki Ignis gets a makeover

At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Suzuki presented a new small SUV, the size of a city car (3.70 m) but with amazing arguments: four-cylinder gasoline with micro-hybridization proposed, coupled with a 4×2 or 4×4 transmission.

In the spring of 2020, Ignis will receive a few modifications, mainly focused on the shields and grille.

The front shield of the current Ignis will be overhauled in 2020 by integrating an aluminum-style protective shoe. Images have already leaked on the web, published on Instagram by the “Suzuki Garage” account. On the front end, we notice that the front grille evolves and takes up a design close to the recent Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, a low-cost Indian city car. It also evokes that of the Jimny with its vertical holes, but here there are only four against five for the Jimny. The chrome trim ring is still in use, running all the way around the grille and lights with the same look.

The current rear bumper has a piece of black plastic. suzuki ignis 2020 rear Now it will incorporate a light gray protective boot. A more 4×4 look The lower front bumper has also been redesigned, with the appearance of an aluminum gray protective boot that reinforces the 4×4 look of the Ignis. The fog lights are detached from the front bumper and placed a little higher. Same thing at the rear: a thinner light gray boot replaces the thick black plastic that used to run all over the bumper. The two small fog blocks remain in the same place, but are now surrounded by a body colored part. First deliveries are scheduled for April 2020.

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