Segond Automobiles: An "Exclusive Flagship Dealer" Porsche Center

Porsche gives you the opportunity to customize your sports car to your liking. A multitude of options are reserved for you to boost performance and configure the aesthetics of your Porsche according to your tastes. And now, you can trust Segond Automobiles, Porsche's Exclusive Flagship Dealer, to put your own touch to your prize. Discover the exclusive service offered by the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur department of Segond Automobiles.

Bring "your own Porsche" to life

Since 2017, Segond Automobile has become a Porsche Exclusive Exclusive Flagship Dealer. In its Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur department, in close collaboration with Porsche Design Studio, Segond Automobiles has planned everything to meet your Porsche customization needs. Your dreams now come to life. High-quality staff offer you special support to inquire about the details of your expectations. They work to bring you the latest customization updates and special editions. Innovation is always there to improve the dynamism and sportiness of your sports car.

From partial modifications to complete configurations, the customization options are limited only by your desires. Professionals work with you to create your exact personalized car. Their simple goal is to realize your vision. And for that, working in harmony is on the agenda. For your Porsche centre, the originality of each car is not simply a concept; it's a reality.

Contact your Porsche center

Several experts are therefore at your disposal to provide you with professional advice down to the smallest detail. They take care of all your personalization wishes with:

  • attention
  • enthusiasm
  • attentiveness
  • calm
  • concern
  • spirit of collaboration

A wide variety of exclusive part samples, topstitching and colours have been developed by experienced designers to meet your most exquisite requirements. Demo vehicles are also set up to allow you to dive even further into the Exclusive world of Porsche.

Your Exclusive Flagship Dealer offers you a unique experience

Segond Automobiles emphasizes customer satisfaction. For this, customer care has been put at the heart of all issues. Reception and advice are fundamental pillars of the functioning of its Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur department. Starting with your reception, individual support awaits you. The service provides you with specially trained advisers to understand your desires and present you with suitable proposals. Nothing is left to chance. Immerse yourself in the world of Porsche Exclusive and discover the high level of involvement and passion shown by its employees.

You are accompanied through your choice of leather, paint colour and materials. Carbon, leather, aluminium and wood are all materials you can chose from. You have but to take a tour of the showroom to discover the unique parts offered for the car configurations. Get clear answers to your questions. Discover the countless possibilities for customization and create your Porsche. But first, all the equipment for your new sports car is planned on the Porsche Car Configurator.

Then we will offer you explanations that will allow you to understand how the vehicles are developed. And why not experience on the spot how your wishes will be made a reality? Watch the creation of your Porsche live! With your Exclusive Flagship Dealer, masters of their craft now allow you to obtain your unique Porsche, that is original and corresponds to your personality.