340 - 680 CV


4,2 - 14,1 l/100km

Max. Speed

245 - 295 km/h

Porsche cayenne: always on top

When the first generation Porsche Cayenne was launched in 2002, its presentation was surrounded by a lot of scepticism on the part of specialists in the automotive sector. For fans of the horse brand, the launch of an SUV was seen as iconoclastic to say the least, for a manufacturer accustomed to the fine design of sports cars. Nevertheless, 17 years later, it is clear that it is one of Porsche's greatest successes. Selling more than 270,000 units between 2002 and 2010, it is in its third generation of vehicles. This exceptional longevity is due as much to its performance as to its sporty SUV design - which has enabled it to establish itself among the sports models traditionally produced by the brand.

Porsche Cayenne: the big premium SUV according to Porsche

The three generations of the model come together in their exclusive 4x4 character, and in their performance on the road and on more difficult terrain. Nevertheless, over time, the brand has been able to bring innovation to make it even more efficient. Thus, without fundamentally changing its silhouette, it has evolved towards more aerodynamics and dynamic qualities. For example, the last generation was fitted with the engines of the Panamera model, allowing a significant performance gain.

The Cayenne, the ultimate sports SUV

6 engines and 2 bodies, technological equipment for a perfect journey

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