Porsche Classic: The maintenance and repair label for old Porsches

The numbers speak for themselves: Today, more than 70% of all Porsche vehicles are still in circulation, an exceptional rate that the legendary manufacturer wishes to maintain in the years to come. To achieve this ambitious goal, the brand has created an exclusive service aimed at preserving and maintaining each model: The Porsche Classic label.

Porsche Classic: For increased longevity of one's Porsche

As mentioned in the preamble, this program has one overall purpose: Preserve and maintain all vintage vehicles produced by the famous manufacturer. Under the term “collector's Porsche” are included all the brand's models which have not been produced regularly for at least 10 years. Within this category of exceptional automobiles, it is possible to find some of the brand's most fabulous creations, which have contributed to forging its legend, like the 356, the 914, the 959, the 911 or, more recently the Carrera GT. For the happy owners of a Porsche, whatever its collection model, the Segond Automobiles group, the largest Porsche dealer in the Principality of Monaco, has developed a department made up of experienced mechanics, which is exclusively dedicated to restoration and maintenance of "Classic" models.

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By obtaining this precious label, Segond Automobiles is establishing a strong partnership with the manufacturer. The dealership will thus make available to the most loyal enthusiasts of the brand a unique expertise and know-how accessible to both current owners of collector models and future buyers of old Porsches. In order to ensure a service of excellence and worthy of the brand, the concession guarantees both the distribution of original parts and the corresponding technical documents. In addition, its technicians will be able to provide the best advice to allow each customer to keep intact the quality, performance and authenticity of the Porsche owned and ensuring all the necessary maintenance operations.

Keeping the fascination intact thanks to the Porsche Classic label

The passion aroused by Porsches has stood the test of time and the attraction exerted by some of the manufacturer's legendary vehicles is even gaining in intensity. The Porsche Classic label, held by the Segond Automobiles dealer, will provide privileged access to more than 52,000 original parts directly linked to the brand's “Classic” models. This catalogue does not simply content itself with grouping the latter together, since flagship products as well as new products, in terms of spare parts and accessories, are also offered. For all the happy owners of collector's models, such as all four and eight cylinders (924, 928, 944, Porsche Boxster, etc. ...), Porsche Classic is a fabulous opportunity to have their collector's Porsche on the road for a very long time.

True automotive legends, collector's Porsches will benefit from a tenfold longevity in order to experience their love of the exceptional automobile even longer. This service, reserved for loyal customers of the manufacturer, relies on a solid worldwide distribution network of the brand, which will ship Classic spare parts references to one of Porsche's appointed partners, which includes Segond Automobiles. The Classic label is not limited to simple parts orders, far from it, but it also includes all maintenance and repair operations for the Porsche collector's vehicle, which will be handled by Porsche automobiles expert technicians.