For the maintenance of your Porsche, Segond Automobiles puts its experienced technicians at your service

With high qualification and a sharp know-how, our experienced mechanics are at your complete disposal for the maintenance of your Porsche. A vehicle's wheels, tyres, body and parts are all components that can be damaged over time. To ensure the longevity of your jewel, it is therefore essential to provide it with high quality maintenance. Segond Automobiles, a Porsche Classic Partner, believes that your vehicle is entitled to the best care. Discover the exclusive services reserved for you by the competent and friendly staff at Segond Automobiles repair centres.

A complete package of offers and services for the maintenance of your Porsche

First of all, know that Segond Automobiles is a Porsche Centre referenced throughout the Porsche Official Network. The group has in fact received the Porsche Classic Partner label which is granted by the Porsche Classic department to certify that the group is approved by Porsche. This means that you benefit from the same services as at another Porsche Centre.

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To ensure the good condition and longevity of your sports car, a full range of services and offers are provided for you.

  • There are several types of packages at your disposal for the maintenance of your Porsche. Specialized technicians offer you maintenance adapted to the profile of your vehicle. After a diagnostic of your vehicle, they can determine whether your Porsche requires full maintenance or whether it just needs an oil change. With their know-how, they can tell you the best choice of oil and parts if you need to change worn components.
  • The reliability of our services also depends on the regularity of the maintenance that we offer you. Prevention is indeed always recommended. Factory-trained professionals will be able to set up maintenance plans so that you can set an accurate budget dedicated to maintaining your Porsche. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • So that you can enjoy smooth performance, experienced mechanics provide you with service tailored to your model of Porsche. And sophisticated tools are provided for this. Thanks to sophisticated and ultra-modern equipment, your Porsche Panamera, Cayman, 911 or other model is thoroughly inspected so that the smallest failures are detected. Then you are entitled to full or partial compensation as the case may be.

Enjoy high-quality Porsche services with confidence

The mechanics at your service know that your Porsche deserves the best. For this, they only choose original parts to repair your vehicle. So that you can enjoy the best driving performance, your parts are obtained directly from Porsche factories. The brake pedals, as well as the tyres and engine oils come directly from the Porsche factories.

In addition, you are entitled to Porsche Assistance; customer service is at your disposal to answer your various concerns. Do not forget to make an appointment for the next Porsche Service Clinic session in order to benefit from a multitude of advantages:

  • personalized monitoring of your vehicle
  • a free diagnostic of your Porsche
  • support by technicians trained by Porsche
  • advice and information on the services offered by Porsche.