Segond Automobiles Group is an approved Suzuki after-sales dealer. We are able to take complete care of you car. Suzuki Genuine Parts meet strict design and production requirements to meet the technical specifications of your Suzuki. Therefore, the use of genuine Suzuki parts during maintenance of your vehicle and repair ensures impeccable quality and optimally guarantees a long life for your Suzuki.

All original equipment for your Suzuki

Involved in the development of special series and exclusive versions, the after-sales division also imagines intelligent solutions to make your daily life on board even more pleasant. Particular attention is paid to the many ideas for personalizing and enhancing the functionality of your vehicle, in the spirit of the Suzuki brand.

Contact Suzuki after sales

Suzuki Genuine Accessories are specially designed for Suzuki vehicles and meet the same quality standards as the vehicles themselves. We draw your attention to the fact that only original Suzuki accessories have been inspected and approved by Suzuki From the Ignis to the S-Cross via the Swift family, each model has its dedicated range of accessories: be inspired and create your own lifestyle!

The Suzuki "Audio and Navigation" range include a satellite navigation system that ensures you reach your destination smoothly while having fun. With its mobile connectivity, plan your route while selecting your playlist, using voice commands.

A wide range of clothing and accessories

The unique personality of your Suzuki is reflected in a wide range of merchandise to suit all tastes: Suzuki offers collections that are as aesthetic as they are practical, designed so that you can enjoy the Suzuki lifestyle, day after day.

T-shirts, sporty zipped jackets but also practical everyday objects, such as pens, USB keys or shopping bags in the colors of your car, not to mention reduced models for your office or your child's room. Dozens of products to equip you are available in dealerships, or simply on order, in order to develop ever more the Way of Life spirit ...