83 CV


5,1 à 5,6 l/100km

Max. Speed

165 km/h

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid: the economical, technological and stylish urban SUV

At 3.70 metres long, the Ignis Hybrid combines an elegant SUV look with a practical city personality. This new version is equipped with front and rear brake shoes as well as new technologies which serve to increase reliability. With a new CVT gearbox, innovative micro-hybridisation, better road grip and a contemporary restyling, this version of the Ignis Hybrid seems to have all the assets to appeal to fans of urban SUVs.

The Suzuki Ignis Hybrid: compact and stylish

Approaching the Ignis, we soon see the appeal of the new chrome grille which gives the vehicle its personality. Proudly drawn horizontal lines confirm the robustness of this vehicle. Side vents that complement the style of this rather striking city car are in full view. Protective brake shoes are now attached to the front and rear wheels; enough to raise the ground clearance. And the compact nature of the Ignis Hybrid in no way robs it of its elegance and contemporary look that are clear for all to see. The Ignis Hybrid has a surprise in store with its SUV demeanour! It might appear imposing, but it is nonetheless nimble and easy to manoeuvre. You will be surprised by its ability to weave its way around town despite its SUV style.

Let yourself be surprised by the sleek urban suv

The comfortable connected SUV