The history of Suzuki begins with the 20th century. At that time, in the midst of modernizing its industry, Japan was fertile ground for shrewd entrepreneurs cultivate innovation and expertise to establish a consumer society in a country with strong traditions. The appetite of Japanese citizens for new technologies formed the basis of a flourishing market where the vision of company founder Suzuki Michio was set to make a strong impression. Originally focused on the production of sewing machine tools for the textile industry, the Japanese brand is reorienting itself towards engines and engine products, including car construction, boat manufacturing and especially the production of motorcycles.


From motorcycles to the automotive industry

It is this last sector that contributes to making the company known worldwide. After a thunderous start in the 1960s in Japan, Suzuki diversified its activities and opened new factories throughout the archipelago. The reliability of its engines drove the Western giants of the automotive sector to partner with Suzuki to establish bridgeheads in the Land of the Rising Sun. General Motors and Fiat in particular have entered into numerous mutually beneficial partnerships with the Japanese company, enabling it to promote its various vehicles in Europe and the United States. Its reputation is growing with the Bandit and Hayabusa motorcycle models as well as with its small city cars, perfectly suited to the requirements of urban traffic. Today, Suzuki is present in many countries, emerging countries included, where the quality, the constant reliability of its productions as well as its originality never cease to impress users.

Welcome to Suzuki Monaco & Menton

In 1999, the Japanese brand was the 6th manufacturer to join the Segond Automobiles Group. Led by Christophe Salon, our sales teams are at your entire disposal to help you discover the Suzuki range in our showrooms in Monaco and in Menton.

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