Jeep Owners Group - the Jeep Passionate Club

Access the most exclusive community of fans of the Jeep brand. The goal of the Jeep Owners Group is to bring together Jeep vehicle enthusiasts. Owners as well as those who still dream of owning a Jeep - everyone is welcome. Share your original adventures with other enthusiasts, participate in various events and take advantage of multiple reductions on the brand's services.

The Jeep Owners Group: an official club approved by Jeep

The Jeep Owners Group aims to bring together lovers of the legendary American brand. More than just owners or fans of Jeep models, members have the opportunity to become true ambassadors of the brand. Joining this club is like joining a big family whose members come from all walks of life. Indeed, the group is present in many countries. More precisely, the Jeep club is already active in France, Italy, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. The club is also in the process of winning markets in Morocco, South Africa, Russia, Sweden and Spain.

By joining the group, you are now part of a community that comes together around certain values such as passion, freedom and adventure. Different nationalities and age groups come together for high-end events and activities. These events are the ideal place to exchange experiences, anecdotes and tips. Events and activities are also travel opportunities for you to experience unique moments with other Jeep brand enthusiasts.

As soon as you join the community, you receive a welcome pack, a copy of the magazine "7" and a personalized card that gives you access to special benefits. You can now benefit from discounts offered on the purchase of a new Jeep or certain accessories and spare parts. And you just need to browse the club's dedicated website to get in touch with other owners and enthusiasts. Employees of the brand are also available to respond to your possible concerns.

What are your options for accessing the Jeep Owners Group?

You have the choice between three types of subscription to the Jeep club.

  • The "Owner" subscription at €80/year: this offer is exclusively reserved for people who already own one or more Jeep models. With this package, you have access to all the services offered and you can browse all areas of the web platform dedicated to the club.
  • The "Owner" subscription is an all-inclusive offer that allows you to take advantage of benefits such as maintenance services, personalization services and discounts.
  • Free "lifetime" subscription: Jeep favours its most loyal customers. For this, the brand pays special tribute to those who own or have already purchased 3 Jeep models in the past. With this special offer, you have free access to all the advantages of the "Owner" package, for an unlimited period.
  • The "Fan" subscription at €30/year: this package is dedicated to those who still dream of owning a Jeep model but have not yet bought one. You can now join the exclusive circle of passionate enthusiasts and embark on a great adventure.

In addition, the Jeep Owners Group has a strong presence on social networks where information, updates and interesting content are shared with users.