A LAMBORGHINI EXPERT FOR the maintenance of your vehicle

Segond Automobiles puts its unique know-how at your service to carry out maintenance and repair work on your Lamborghini. Our dedicated Lamborghini team will take care of your vehicle at our premises in Menton and meet your highest expectations.

To drive in peace, entrust us with the maintenance of your Lamborghini

We offer a wide range of services to carry out the maintenance of your vehicle. Our team of technicians is qualified and experienced. Maintenance will be carried out in accordance with the strictest Lamborghini rules of the art with certified tools. Regular maintenance performed by professionals is the key to peacefully enjoying your exceptional vehicle and ensuring its longevity. It is also necessary to strictly follow the maintenance plan specified by the Italian brand in order to continue to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty (up to 36 months).

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Whether it is a light intervention (oil change, filters, etc.) or a heavier one (brakes, distribution, etc.), we will carry out the work as quickly as possible in absolute transparency while ensuring the level of quality expected by any Lamborghini customer.  At your request, we also carry out optimizations of the engine and the chassis as well as the installation of genuine accessories and spare parts.

At Segond Automobiles, each car benefits from special attention. We keep the history of the services performed on your vehicle to ensure rigorous traceability. Our specific diagnostic tools will allow you to know the exact level of wear of the main parts of your vehicle (such as the clutch, for example). This will allow you to have visibility on the upcoming deadlines. Choosing our services means choosing excellence: a quality, personalized and recognized service.

Our Lamborghini repair know-how

Has your vehicle suffered a breakdown, damage or even an accident? Our team will take care of your vehicle and quickly assess the extent of the repairs to be carried out. Our priority is that you can benefit from your vehicle as quickly as possible and in complete safety. Diagnostics, bodywork touch-ups, parts replacement or other, our technicians are fully qualified to repair your vehicle. Our experienced mechanics are equipped with complete and certified tools to establish an accurate diagnosis. Their technicality and the equipment of the garage allow them to carry out all of the necessary removals (even the heaviest such as removing the gearbox or the engine, for example) to carry out all the necessary repairs.

We also offer services to restore Lamborghini vintage vehicles. They include all levels of restoration, from mechanical aspects to electronic aspects, including bodywork and interior upholstery. We are also able to completely restore your vehicle, that is to say by starting from the chassis "bare". At Segond Automobiles, we understand that restoring a vintage vehicle is above all an art. Our teams will work with the greatest respect for Lamborghini tradition to bring your vehicle back to life.

Whatever the type of work to be carried out on your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact our teams on 04 93 44 67 24 or fill out the online form. You will be able to obtain more information or make an appointment with our teams. We will be happy to share with you our experience of the Lamborghini brand so that you can fully and confidently enjoy your vehicle.