136 - 280 CV


4,8 - 6,9 l/100km

Max. Speed

210 - 240 km/h

Alfa-Romeo Giulia: The sporty family sedan

The Alfa-Romeo Giulia symbolises Italian design better than any other car. Although strictly speaking it has not been revamped, the all-new Giulia offers an exceptional driving experience that is particularly suitable for travel, with the input of new technologies, inspired colours and various amenities that are bound to be universally acclaimed.

The different versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulia

With this updated Giulia, Alfa-Romeo has carefully avoided altering the external appearance of its saloon, which certainly remains one of its trump cards. Brand new shades are thus available such as Visconti green, ochre, blue and Villa d'Este red, not to mention new finishes. So the new generation Alfa-Romeo Giulia will encompass two very different worlds: tourism with the Super and Ti finishes, and sport with the Veloce and Sprint levels.

Alfa Romeo Giulia: a high-performance, modern sedan

Gasoline or diesel, Super, Sprint, Ti and Veloce finishes