69 - 85 CV


4,5 - 5,9 l/100km

Max. Speed

164 - 173 km/h

Fiat Panda: The fun and practical city car

The Fiat 500 no longer reigns supreme in the city car category of the famous manufacturer. The third-generation Fiat Panda is now undoubtedly an equally strong contender. Combining reliability, quality and originality, this new Fiat promises great experiences.

Fiat Panda: the small economic city dweller according to Fiat

The first thing that stands out about this new Fiat Panda is its particularly tasteful design. Although its general profile remains boxy, there is significant rounding of the bumpers, the angles as well as the glass surfaces, which make the vehicle even more sensual. The aesthetic changes are also verified within the interior in the instruments on the dashboard, ventilation controls, a gear knob and a very inspired square centre to the steering wheel. The graphic design of the renewed dashboard is a model of readability.

Fiat Panda : An evolution while remaining true to itself

In gasoline or CNG (natural gas), 2 or 4 wheel drive and 7 different finishes

Discover the different versions of the Fiat Panda