Luxe Occasions, Segond Automobiles’ new premium used car facility

With Luxe Occasions, the Segond Automobiles Group opens its new second-hand centre for all makes under the label “Audi Occasion plus” in a showroom located in Cap d’Ail, Place de la Liberté.

Open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm / 2.30pm to 7pm and on Saturday from 10am to 12pm / 2pm to 5pm.

Second-hand vehicles for all needs, all desires:

City car, Sedan, Convertible, Sports car or SUV … whatever your needs, we will have an opportunity that suits you.

Audi Occasions+

The LABEL ” Audi Occasion :plus ” is :

110 checkpoints verified by our experts
Up to 24 months warranty, unlimited mileage
24/7 assistance in France and Europe
Customised test drive of the model of your choice
Trade-in of your old car
Every vehicle with the Audi Occasion :plus label is thoroughly checked at 110 points by our Audi experts and comes with a warranty of up to 24 months, unlimited mileage. With Audi Occasion :plus, you can be sure that you will enjoy your Audi for a long time, regardless of its age.

All our Audi vehicles and other makes will be analysed and checked by our technicians:

> General condition (vehicle documentation, repair history)
> Interior (lighting, locks, mirrors, seats, storage space, windows, trunk)
> Exterior and mechanical condition (bodywork, braking system, air conditioning, engine, lights, chassis, steering, wheels)
Electronic condition (battery, instrument panel, infotainment and assistance systems) > Data (Audi connect, Audi connect, Audi connect, Audi connect)
> Data (Audi connect, Audi connect plug and play, navigation system)
Financing :

Do you want to buy and insure your used Audi with flexible and controlled financing solutions? Audi relies on Volkswagen Financial Services to provide you with tailor-made offers. Your Luxe Occasions dealership will also offer you different financing formulas as a credit intermediary to best meet your needs.

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