Big, small, family, backpacker ... Whatever your need or your desire, you will find the vehicle you need among the models of the general manufacturer Audi. Indeed, all versions are available: city car, sedan, SUV, coupe, convertible or GT. Buying an Audi is buying a vehicle from a master car maker. The century-old German manufacturer uses all its know-how to design vehicles that combine design and quality.

Moreover, throughout its history, Audi has forged a reputation as a sporty and innovative manufacturer. It is therefore not surprising to find these values in the ranges of vehicles offered by the brand. The sport range thus brings together the very best in terms of sporting performance. The result of the manufacturer’s experience in the rally world, the Quattro range is the symbol of innovation in the service of safety. Quattro vehicles are therefore equipped with all-wheel drive, which automatically distributes engine power between the front and rear axles according to the vehicle’s traction requirements. Finally, the latest addition to the brand, the e-tron range offers a hybrid vehicle that combines an electric motor with a heat engine.


The brilliant August Horch

In 1899, when August Horch established his own car factory, the German entrepreneur bet on high-end vehicles, but was fired from his management because of differences of opinion. Ten years later, he then founded a new legal entity, which he baptized Audi (which means “listening” in Latin), by analogy to his family name (Horch is the imperative of the verb hörchen: listen).


After a few victories in motor racing, the crisis of 1929 hit the booming manufacturer hard. It was not until 1932, after the association of Audi and the 3 manufacturers DKW, Wanderer AG and Horch, that the brand with the 4 rings, called Auto Union, was born. The company prospered until World War II, then came to a halt. The group will then live a complicated period, alternating successes and failures ...

Welcome to your partner Audi Monaco

It was in 2010 that the German brand joined the Segond Automobiles Group. Based at 15 Boulevard Charles III, the sales team dedicated to the brand and headed by Jérôme Tournois is at your disposal to answer your questions and help you discover the Audi range.

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