If you want to buy a used vehicle that gives you many advantages, then Audi Approved Used is the benchmark. In addition to a manufacturer's warranty identical to that of new cars, you benefit from lifetime mobility assistance throughout Europe. The vehicle can therefore be taken care of by qualified technicians if necessary. Focus on the Audi Approved Used offer.

Audi Approved Used, an offer like no other

By opting for the opportunities offered by the Audi Approved Used label, you can get the Audi of your dreams second-hand while benefiting from several privileges. More precisely :

  • You only have access to Audi brand cars.
  • The used Audi cars made available to you have a mileage of less than 100,000 km and are less than 60 months old.
  • A used Audi vehicle: plus undergoes a 110-point check by experienced mechanics who maintain it.
  • By purchasing a Audi Approved Used vehicle, you benefit from a 24-month warranty with unlimited mileage.
  • After purchasing a Audi Approved Used car, you will benefit from permanent assistance from qualified technicians, in France and throughout Europe.
  • Used Audi cars: more are available without delay.

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To make it short, you get an Audi of your choice while having the assurance that it is in excellent condition. Indeed, technicians carry out meticulous maintenance work on all mechanical and electronic parts. A total of 110 checkpoints were combed through to detect any anomalies and make the necessary corrections. For maintenance, you should know that the spare parts used are only genuine Audi parts; a guarantee of longevity. When purchasing, you are entitled to a control slip signed by the technician who performed the maintenance.

And for your satisfaction, Audi allows you to finance the purchase at your own pace. Different financing solutions allow you to finance your acquisition by adopting a rental formula or by subscribing to a loan.

The details of the Audi Approved warranty: More

Used Audi Approved Used have a 2 year warranty which covers almost all parts of the car. It is therefore an opportunity to buy a good quality used car that offers the same advantages as a new vehicle. As a reminder, the warranty is not conditioned by precise mileage. However, some wearing parts are not included. It's about :

  • wheel components (tire, rims, hubcaps)
  • seat elements and other interior fittings
  • different fluids such as lubricants which are changed during maintenance
  • body parts such as the canvas top.

With the exception of the components mentioned above, your vehicle can benefit from total assistance in the event of damage. Breakdowns, punctures and shocks are incidents that can indeed occur at any time. The Audi Approved Used warranty offers you peace of mind in the event of a puncture or breakdown. Experienced mechanics take care of you in Monaco, Andorra, Metropolitan France and in 35 European countries. This assistance is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during which the competent Audi personnel will be happy to assist you in the event of distress.

In addition, vehicles labeled Audi Approved Used are accompanied by the Certified: plus certificate. The latter proves the conformity of the car and confirms that it comes from Audi. Note that the Audi Approved Used warranty is valid even after the vehicle has been sold.